IDEC's wall mounted air conditioners are a top choice for those wanting a neat unit that blends with their modern design interiors.

Acrylic Front Panel  will make your split type wall mounted always look new.

We have made the indoor units so compact  also makes them powerful , quiet and energy efficient. 


24 Hour On/Off Timer - The timer can be preset to start and stop the air condiitoner at any time within a 24 hour period . Once times are set , the airconditioner can be operated for that period by simply pressing the ON or Off Timer buttons.

4 Directional Air Flow - Combines Vertical and Horozontal Auto Swing to evenly circulate cool air to all corner of large space 

Air Purifying Filter  The air purifying filter traps airbone particles as small as .01 micron to purify the air in your room 

Auto Restart - The unit records the operation mode , air flow, temperature seettings so that in the event of a power failure the air conditioner will automatically retrurn to the same operating conditions when power is restored.

Auto Fan Speed - On board electronics constantly adjust the unit's fan speed to suit the thermostat setting and room temperature.

Indoor Unit On/ OFF Switch - An On/OFF Switch on the indoor unit itself means the air conditioner can always be used, even without the remote control. 

Indoor Unit Quiet Operation - Sound levels are reduced for quieter , more gentle cooling.

LCD Wireless Remote Control -  The remote contoller is easy to use with LCD display to indicate your target temperature , fan speed, swing funciton and timer indicator. it has hold lock key , so no one can accidently change your desired settings .

Indoor Unit LED Display  with self diagnostic indicator - The Led display on indoor unit will show temperature settings and also an indicator if you aircon has trouble.

Blue Fins Evaporator Unit : Prolongs the life of the air conditioner cooling coil.

Capacity 1hp 1.5hp 2hp 2.5hp 3hp
Power Supply 220v/60hz 2220v/60hz 220v/60hz 220v/60hz 220v/60hz
Power Input 977 1200 2300 2500 2850
Air Flow 410 480 780 800 980
Noise Level          
Indoor  38 39-42 46 48 50
Outdoor  52 53 56 56 57
Net Dimension (WXHXD)          
Indoor unit  800x280x190 800x280x190 1105x377x300 1080x302x220 1080x302x220
Outdoor unit  700x500x225 795x549x255 995x690x415 870x675x300 875x680x315
Net Weight LKg          
inodor unit 12 10 15 14 15
outdoor unit  29 33 45 50 53
Applicable Area sqm. 18-20 22-24 28-30 38-40 43-45


 1hp                P16,500.00

1.5 hp             P18,500,00

  2  hp             P25,000.00 

 2.5 hp            P30,000.00

   3  hp            P39,500.00

   4  hp            P43,000.00


Free Installation : For the first 10ft of aircon pipes  from indoor unit to outdoor unit. 

Applicable Area : within Metro Manila,  

One Year Warranty on Parts and Service.