Universal Floor / Ceiling

These models are universal mounted, meaning they can mount low on the floor or on the ceiling . A popular application for this air condition  is most appropriate for restaurants, conference room, big office , church , malls and other big applications. 

Slim and  Lightweight in design, with long piping lengths of 165 feet the outdoor units can also be placed remotely out of sight.


- Auto Swing Louver

- Remote controlled

- Sleep TImer

- Auto Restart / Reset

Available Models

3 Hp   applicable area    45 sqm  P45,000.00

4 Hp   applicable area    50 sqm  P55,000.00

6 Hp  applicable area     90 sqm  P75,000.00 


   4 HP  applicable  area  50 sqm  P85,000.00

   6 HP  applicable  area  90 sqm P 105,000.00

One Year Warranty on Parts and Service.